Developed the creative look and feel for several exclusive hospitality events hosted by UPS.
Below is the execution for the 2015 Orange Bowl in Miami.

The perfect team. The perfect city. The perfect company.

They’re all made up of individual pieces that don’t drown each other out; but rather stand proudly on their own. Pieces that when placed next to each other make a bigger and more beautiful picture. A mosaic. 

A football team is a mosaic of talent. It’s the only sport where there’s a job for everyone. The big. The fast. The arm. The leg. The brain. The best teams use their individual talents to elevate each other’s strengths, and cover each other’s weaknesses.

Miami is a mosaic of cultures. Cuban. Honduran. Nicaraguan. South American. Miami has the largest proportion of foreign-born residents in any city worldwide. Yet these cultures haven’t blended. They exist side by side in South Florida, each proud of where they come from and where they are—making something unique and beautiful. 

We solve our customers’ problems through a mosaic of resources. Expert advice that can bring a solution to life, a network to share their ideas with the world, human capital invested in their business, their understanding of their market and our understanding of the world market—all operating at their peak capacity together to make things happen. 

That’s the Orange Bowl. That’s Miami. That’s United Problem Solvers.