Mark West


We worked with Mark West to bring their men’s wellness initiative to life in and out of store.

Their national campaign, Master of One, created the perfect halo for the men’s wellness platform: always striving to make things better and aiming for exceptional and we would leverage their established tone and look in our awareness efforts. After aligning our shopper, occasion, and brand needs, we landed on the sweet spot: Mastering Well-Being: Discovering ways to achieve a state of health, happiness and prosperity.


Our sweet spot ultimately led us to our program call-to-action: Pinot Up—When you “Pinot Up,” you are taking a step towards “mastering” elements of your life. This gave us a call to action for the men’s health awareness efforts and an own able platform that allows for extension (Spring healthy grilling and Movember).

So, what did this ultimately become? In addition to standard retail POS, we created the Ultimate Marinade Challenge where we asked shoppers to submit their marinade recipes for the chance to win. We promoted this in store with shipper displays, tear pads, neck tags, bottle toppers, SLOs, and more! We also published a print ad in Men’s Health magazine (concepts below) where we would feature the winning recipe and/or winner. The contest was a huge hit and went on for another year.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.59.33 PM.png